We are proud to represent the following brands, and bring you some of the best ethically produced cheeses in the world.


Capriole Goat Cheeses

Greenville, IN

We make our fresh, ripened, and aged chevres by hand, right here where we live. It's a way of life in which the land, the animals, and the cheese have managed us for over 35 years, giving us a sense of who we are relative to a place and the wildness around us, and respect for exacting the craft of cheese making.


Red Barn Family Farms

Appleton, WI

Our Mission: Reinvigorate, Honor, Sustain

To reinvigorate Wisconsin family-owned dairy farms by creating an economy that will value these farms for generations. To honor and sustain Wisconsin’s rich family dairy farming heritage through a revolutionary new pay structure for farmers that rewards both excellent milk quality and animal husbandry, or humane treatment of animals.

Our cheddar's are produced from extraordinarily wholesome, clean and nutritious milk produced by our healthy cows.


Saxon Creamery

Cleveland, WI

On the farm the ethical treatment of our animals and conscientious management of the land and environment are the guiding principles for operating the dairy. This philosophy has driven the farm to focus on growing lush grass pastures for the cows to graze. These pastures, with a variety of grasses and legumes provide the quality milk rich in nutrients and flavor. The flavors the grasses impart in the milk are an essential element in developing each of Saxon Creamery's unique cheese— "Flavor by Nature". Saxon Creamery's Cheesemakers combine the milk with living cultures and years of experience to ensure each wheel of cheese is crafted to perfection. Five aging rooms with various temperature and humidity levels are utilized to age each wheel of Saxon Creamery's artisan cheeses to reach the desired flavor profiles.


Evergreen Lane Artisan Cheese

Fennville, MI

Located between the Lake Michigan shore towns of South Haven and Saugatuck. Since 2008, we've been hand-crafting divine goat and cow's milk cheeses to delight our customers. We make delectable goat cheeses with the Grade A milk from our pastured dairy goats at Windshadow Farm & Dairy. Our Cow's milk is from a local organic dairy from pastured Jersey cows. We value our relationship to the land, our animals, and to each other.

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

Austin, KY

Our land was a dairy farm for several years before we began making cheese, so you could say that even before the origins of Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, our focus was on the milk. Kenny sought to set a new standard fro dairy farming in the region. With great speed,  the size of the herd was doubled as was each animal's milk production due to greater care, superior cow comfort, and better nutrition. They have a closed herd. The milk is rBGH Free, there feed crops are non GMO, and only use antibiotics if the animals life is at risk.


Sequatchie Cove Creamery

Sequatchie, TN

Nestled in a cove on the floor of the picturesque Sequatchie Valley, Sequatchie Cove Creamery produces farmstead cheese using time honored European traditions with a distinctly Southern flair. Our cheeses are made using the raw milk from cows who spend every waking moment on grass, letting the expression of the land shine through in its flavors. Fresh forage, sunlight, Tennessee mountain air, a good bit of science, and a dash of artistry are the tools we rely on daily. We strive to nourish and honor ourselves, the nature around us, and the awesome community that supports us.


Spain & Italy

Through our partnership with Pondini we will now have region specific, organic ingredients from Italy and Spain. The products identity is linked to the area in which they are produced, many having origin protected status under EU rules. Their selection derives from our quest for clear, powerful, and unique flavors, with consideration for the way in which these foods have been produced and the amazing artisans that produce them.

All products are certified organic with few exceptions. The few exceptions are limited production, traditional farms too small to afford certification or making something of particular rarity and exceptional quality. Our organic farms raise their livestock according to strict organic regulations under the control of EU and/or US organic certifying agencies.



In a difficult economic environment in 2001, five master cheesemakers got together to market and promote their century-old techniques and art. The result is a collection of masterfully hand-crafted Swiss cheeses made in small village dairies.

Gourmino belongs to the cheesemakers. Their skill lies in the affinage of long ripened cheeses made from raw milk. They use only the best quality cheeses selected from their own dairies. The dairies are family businesses that use fresh milk supplied daily by local farmers.

Greco Greek Feta


Feta is first recorded in the Byzantine Empire, under the name ‘prosphatos’ (‘recent’, i.e. fresh), and was associated specifically with Crete. The name ‘Feta’ (‘slice’) was started to be used by Greeks in the 17th century.


Shelburne Farms


The dairy supplies high-quality, raw milk to make our farmhouse cheddar, while educating about sustainable farming and the working landscape. 120 Brown Swiss Cows are pasture-raised and rotationally grazed from spring to fall. We grow hay and silage without crop herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizer.

The Dairy is Certified Humane by the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) organization in Herndon, VA.


Ploughgate Creamery has been crafting small-batch, cultured butter of the finest quality in Vermont since 2014.