Chevre (seasonal)

A delicious, simple, fresh goat cheese. It is highly versatile, delightfully fresh on its own or in a variety of dishes, from crudites to desserts. Enjoy it fresh or mixed with dried herbs to create a sweet, savory spread for crusty bread or crackers. 

Pairings: wheat beers, chardonnay, arugula, fresh heirloom tomatoes, figs, fresh berries, and honey.

Pyramid Point (seasonal)

This interesting shape and interior ash layer makes this an appealing and complex cheese. When young, this bloomy-rind cheese has a firm interior; both earthy and somewhat salty. When well aged the dense inner body melts in the mouth releasing aromas of mushroom and citrus, followed by an assertive tangy finish.

Pairings: pales ales, cherry, apricot chutney, pears, rye toast, and pistachio nuts.

Tribute (seasonal)

Is a unique mixed milk aged cheese named after a very special goat. It has the rich, smooth texture of cows milk and the tangy, aromatic fragrance of goat's milk. Tribute pays homage to the rhythm of the seasons. In the summer when goats milk is plentiful, more goat's milk is used and the reverse is true in the fall. This variation makes an intricate flavor and unique appearance.

Pairings: hard cider, roasted almonds , apples, sweet and savory pastry.

April Showers

A 100% cow's milk crottin, soft-ripened and similar to a Brie or Camembert. It is aged for 10 - 14 days as the rind develops into a snowy white exterior and the interior becomes lemony, sweet, with a hint of salt. It is to be eaten young while the interior is firm and flavor is bright. Works as a dessert cheese.

Pairings: Champagne, port, fresh fruit, and almonds.

La Mancha Moo!

Is a Camembert style cheese. Our unique recipe combines traditional cultures with fragrant ripeners to produce a perfectly balanced and mature wheel at 30 days. The snowy white rind gives way to the soft buttery interior that slowly melts on the palate or the cheese plate.

Pairings: Honey, preserves, berries

Farmers Feta

Goats Milk, dry feta

Poet's Tomme

This is a simple, French style country cheese that is aged for a minimum of 60 days. The combination of the oatmeal stout (The Poet Stout from New Holland Brewing Co.) washed rind and the bright, lactic, and salty notes of the paste make this cheese unique in both appearance and flavor. Burnished tan with a creamy yellow interior.

Pairings: IPA, apple slices, or olives.


'Mattone' is Italian for brick and this cheese is recognized by its square shape and its semi-soft, dense paste. It has a thin rosy colored rind and a strong aroma with a surprisingly mild, fruity tang.

Pairings: Concord Grapes, dried cranberries, or crusty bread and tomatoes.

Fromage Blanc (seasonal)

Fresh cows milk cheese.

Cielo (seasonal)

100% Goat milk tomme washed in hard apple cider.