Photo & Recipe: Brad Fuller

Photo & Recipe: Brad Fuller


2 pounds Brussels Sprouts

3/4 pound Mattone

1 tbsp butter

1.5 tbsp flour

1.5 c milk

3 tbsp olive oil

4 tbsp grated Bio Hombre Parmigiano Stagionato

Salt and White Pepper to taste



1. In sauce pan, melt butter

2. In cast Iron pan, heat oil

3. cut the Brussels Sprouts in half

4. cube Mattone

5. mix in flour to butter constantly stirring to make roux

6. add milk to roux in 1/2 c increments

7. add Brussels sprouts to cast iron and give a pinch salt and white pepper, saute to browned, or desired doneness

8. while sprouts are cooking, begin adding Mattone to milk a few pieces at a time. when cheese has melted, add more

9. when all the Mattone is melted, add a little white pepper and remove from heat.

10. Add Parmigiano to Mattone sauce and stir till incorporated.

11. pour over Brussels sprouts and serve. 

12. There will be extra sauce for left overs!!

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