Dancing Fern (limited/seasonal)

Raw Milk. Aged 60 days. Named for the native ferns that sway and nod at the breezy mouth of a cave in Coppinger Cove where the farm is located, Dancing Fern is inspired by the famous raw milk Reblochon cheese of France. Its soft and supple texture and barnyardy aroma, along with notes of cultured butter, shiitake mushroom, and walnuts make it a stand out on the cheese plate

{Good Food Awards Winner 2014, ACS Winner 2016,2015, 2013, 2012}


Raw Milk. Aged 75 -90 days. Named for the towering plateau that envelops the farm, which also happens to be the world’s longest hardwood-forested plateau, Cumberland is a simple yet flavorful Tomme-style natural rind cheese. Fruity and earthy with notes of sweet hay, its versatility and approachable flavor make it equally at home in the kitchen and on the table.


Raw Milk. Aged 60 days. Nickajack is named for Nickajack Cave, a local cavern with a storied past. Nickajack is a toothsome sliceable cheese with a meaty savory paste. Washed for its entire aging with hard cider, its aromatic edible rind varies from golden brown to orange-red.

{ACS Winner 2015}


Aged 90+ days. Very flavorful washed rind style, with a nice balance of salt, pungency and fruity notes. Has an excellent creamy texture that is very well suited for melting, and a unique appearance with an ashline through the paste. This new style is still in development and we are very pleased with the results so far. Unique & complex, yet very approachable, versatile and great for snacking.

{2016 Good Food Awards Finalist}

Shakerag Blue

Raw milk. Aged 6 Months.Shakerag Blue’s colorful name is derived from both the beautiful Shakerag Hollow known for its wildflowers and rich moonshining past, as well as an old Prohibition era method of either alerting moonshiners to approaching revenue agents, or as a way to procure some white lightening of one’s own. An ode to all things Southern, Shakerag is a crumbly yet dense blue-veined cheese cloaked in local fig leaves which have been soaked in Chattanooga Whiskey, the first legal whiskey being distilled in the city since Prohibition. Its sweet and fruity interior is reminiscent of root beer, and lends itself to more savory notes of bacon and dark chocolate towards the rind.

{Good Food Awards Winner 2015, Best in Class 2015- US Cheese
Championships, 2016 ACS Winner, Rated in Wine Spectator Magazine as one of the best blue cheese makers in the country September 2016}

Bellamy Blue

Raw milk. Aged 90+ days. Bellamy Blue gets its name from a natural cave in northern Tennessee that is adjacent to the world’s first man-made bat cave. The natural entrance entices endangered native grey bats to roost inside the artificial dwelling, in the hopes of combating the deadly white-nose syndrome, a mold that is threatening the grey bat’s survival. Bellamy Blue’s rind is hand-rubbed with a modest amount of Alderwood smoked sea salt and then dipped in black wax, which allows the cheese to breathe during aging while entrapping moisture for a smooth creamy paste. The amount of smoke is subtle, giving Bellamy a savory profile of cured salami and burgers on a charcoal grill.

{Rated in Wine Spectator Magazine as one of the best blue cheese makers in the country September 2016}