salt pork, black pepper, cinnamon

*Salame Cotto

fenugreek seed, red wine


chili, paprika, coriander, white wine


clove, ginger, nutmeg

Dodge City

fennel pollen, pink peppercorns

Deleware Fireball

chili, espelette, cold-smoked

Gin and Juice

lamb, juniper berries, orange zest


elk, dried blueberries, New Day Mead

Saucisson Rouge

pork heart & liver, espelette, red wine, chili

South Cider Salame - Seasonal

gooseliver, smoked goose breast, persimmon pulp, dried persimmons and New Day Craft South Cider hard apple cider. 

Fist Full of Hops - Seasonal

Pork, Sun King Fist Full of Hops IPA, lemon peel, black peppercorns

Larder Meats


pork back fat, bay leaves, rosemary, thyme

*Pig and Fig Terrine

dried figs and red wine, wrapped in bacon

*Rabbit & Pork Cheek Terrine

Whole Muscle

*Culatello (limited)

whole muscle from the heart of the ham: month of daily massages under organic white wine & spices

*Dry Cured Lamb Ham (limited)

thyme, rosemary, chili, minimum 6 months age

*Duck Prosciutto

boneless breast of moulard, star anise, allspice, orange peel

*Notes items are available for pre-order only