Marcona Almonds Mitica® (Fried & Salted)


Known as the “Queen of Almonds,” the highly prized Marcona is indigenous to Spain.  Requiring more time and specialized growing conditions, the trees flourish in the region of Valencia. Plumper than most varieties, this smooth, tan almond contains high amounts of essential oils.

This is the most traditional way Marcona almonds are served. The almonds are peeled, fried, and salted. Our producer uses sunflower oil because the flavor will not overpower the Marcona. They are commonly eaten in Spain as an appetizer or to complement the meal


Pajarero Figs

The Pajarero is grown in Spain, which has been cultivating figs since they were introduced during the Moorish invasion. Smaller and sweeter than its cousin from Turkey, its thin, delicate skin allows the flavor of the fig to shine through. Carefully picked and dried, these Pajarero figs are perfect for retail or foodservice. Ideal on any cheese plate. 2/1.3kg

This product is handmade artisanally in Valencia by four brothers who take great pride in their work