Mundelein, IL

All Natural artisan meats, sausages and salamis handcrafted in the finest European tradition

La Quercia

Norwalk, IA

La Quercia is a US company based in Iowa making high quality American artisan salumi or dry cured meats from humanely raised heritage breed meat.

We believe the food we eat can delight us each day. We strive to offer a memorable eating experience - one that causes you to stop and savor the moment.

Great food is more than great taste. It is healthful, nutritious, and pleasurable. Great food satisfies the senses and the body, the emotions and the mind. It is part of a responsible food system that sustains you, the producers, and the craftspeople, restaurants, and stores who support their communities and respect the environment.

Red Table Meats

Minneapolis, MN

Passionately committed to sustainability and transparency, Red Table Meat Co. salumi can be traced from farm to fork, empowering our customers to engage responsibly with their food. Mike Phillips has been working on forming Red Table Meat Co. for perhaps his whole life. Growing up in a small, rural farming community, he saw their struggles and their tireless work. That powerful sense of community never left him. And now, Red Table Meat Co. couples those values with well-made, thoughtfully crafted products and promises, simply: Good Meat Here. Mike has gathered a group of five farms who raise various heritage-breed hogs in small, sustainable settings. He hopes to elevate the regional identity of Minnesota hogs through thoughtfully-crafted, quality salumi. 

Smoking Goose

Indianapolis, IN

Smoking Goose Meatery produces handcrafted, flavor packed protein treats. From our Indianapolis meat locker, we make both traditional and unique carnivorous concoctions including slow cured and smoked meats, salumi and fresh sausages.

We cure and smoke the meat from healthy animals raised on independent farms in Indiana and neighboring states by people who care as much about the well being of the animals and the land as they do their own families.

By taking the time to use traditional methods like seam butchering each animal, hand tying every piece, and curing without additional compound nitrates, we tend to every product with the same mindset: respect nature, honor tradition, and get hungry.


Forever Cheese was founded in 1998 by Michele Buster and Pierluigi Sini, who share a passion for great cheese, and wanted to bring the finest of the Mediterranean to an American audience. Every product we carry is personally hand-selected by Michele and Pierluigi, to ensure that it’s exceptional and meets their high standards.