Onesto Crackers *Gluten Free 

West Newbury, MA

Onesto is Italian for “honest”. Every day we are inspired to create honest, real food for you and your family.

The Onesto story is one of evolution. Jane Ciccone and her husband, Jesse, have always shared a love of travel, a love of healthy lifestyles and a love of good food.

After having children, they were discouraged at the rise of overly-processed, preservative-filled snacks on grocery store shelves. In an attempt to stay healthy and set good examples for their kids (Zachary and Josie), Jane and Jesse decided to reduce unhealthy foods in their home. But, they soon realized how much they missed crackers with their cheese! So... Jane began experimenting with her own recipes and the seeds of Onesto were planted.

Sacred Valley Salt Co. 

Maras, Peru

For Sacred Valley Salt Co., “100% Responsible” means treating the people involved in the production of Sacred Valley Salt fairly and with dignity, as well as treating the planet with respect. There is no excavation, pumping, heavy equipment, slag heaps, contaminated runoff, etc. All extraction and collection is done by solar and human power. When it comes to people, Sacred Valley Salt Co. strives to make sure that local inhabitants of the Sacred Valley receive not only fair compensation for their salt, their work, and their skills, but also a fair share of the benefits from the sale of their unique resource.

Village batch

Arcadia, Greece

Village Batch was established in 2012 by three bothers of Greek heritage: Peter, Anthony and Alex Boutsikakis. Born and raised in Chicago, we wanted to connect the amazing foods of our family's homeland in Greece, to our homeland here in the States. We grew up living, learning and loving our native Greek background, and if there is one things the Greeks do well, its exceptionally tasty and wholesome food. The economic downtown of our family's country had such a profound affect on Greece that we sought to turn a negative into opportunity...beginning with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Greece has an age-old tradition of amazing old growth olives and exceptional Olive Oil. We aim to take the respect and understanding of this age-old tradition, and work diligently to modernize and mobilize, in order to bring you a truly unique organic olive oil and more.

Journeyman Distillery

Three Oaks, MI

Journeyman Distillery is one of few certified organic distilleries in the United States, providing all organic spirits produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, artificial pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, or genetically modified organisms. Certified by MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association), Journeyman Distillery is committed to providing users with a grain to glass experience paired with savory ingredients to deliver a taste unmatched by other distilleries. Aged in small barrels for increased concentration of flavors.


Spain & Italy

Through our partnership with Pondini we will now have region specific, organic ingredients from Italy and Spain. The products identity is linked to the area in which they are produced, many having origin protected status under EU rules. Their selection derives from our quest for clear, powerful, and unique flavors, with consideration for the way in which these foods have been produced and the amazing artisans that produce them.

All products are certified organic with few exceptions. The few exceptions are limited production, traditional farms too small to afford certification or making something of particular rarity and exceptional quality. Our organic farms raise their livestock according to strict organic regulations under the control of EU and/or US organic certifying agencies.

Backwoods Mustard Co.

Davison, MI

Michigan. Outdoor. Tradition.
Backwoods Mustard Company creates Michigan-made craft mustard utilizing family recipes with a focus on tradition, Michigan, and the Great Outdoors.

Our product is unique in that our recipes are old family hunt camp recipes dating back two generations. Because of that our products are geared toward Michigan, tradition, and the Great Outdoors.

Rare Bird Preserves

River Forest, IL

Rare Bird Preserves are thoughtfully crafted in the French tradition, with only the highest quality seasonal fruit and our own naturally extracted pectin.

We craft our products the traditional way in copper pots with natural ingredients. But while our approach is traditional, our flavors are not. Blending seasonal fruits with herbs, chocolates and other distinctive ingredients produces deliciously unique spreads. We pour our passion, creativity and care into each jar of Rare Bird Preserves, and we are sure you will taste the difference.

Co-op Hot Sauce

Chicago, IL

Before there was Co-op Sauce, there was Co-op Image, a free arts and entrepreneurship organization that Mr. Mike Bancroft (a.k.a. the Sauce Boss) started with Chicago youth. Mike and the kids needed to raise funds to sustain the programs, so in 2003,  they got together to brew, bottle and sell hot sauce to restaurants and at farmers markets. In a few years time, Co-op Sauce went from being a fundraiser to a legitimate business. It’s crafted in small batches with hand picked ingredients sourced straight from farmers in the Midwest. Co-op Sauce still donates half of its profits to Co-op Image and employs former program participants in the making and sale of the sauce.

Slow Jams

Detroit, MI

Slow Jams evolved from a personal commitment to local food preservation for our own family into a local artisan company bringing our handmade Michigan Jams to a stand at Eastern Market in the autumn of 2011 with the mission to share the sweet bounty of Michigan flavors with everyone.  Our dedication to Michigan agriculture fuels our passion and our product, which contains 100% Michigan produce and Michigan sugar.   Our commitment to our Michigan economy goes beyond the finest of Michigan fruits and herbs and includes our locally printed labels and locally sourced jars.  With each jar of traditionally made Slow Jams you are truly enjoying the best of Michigan!

Roots & Branches

Asheville, NC

Clark and Ana Mitchell never planned on becoming the “Cracker People of Asheville” when they moved to the mountains of North Carolina, in March of 2010.  Within a month of moving to town, their home kitchen was certified. They began to bake and were soon actively selling baked goods and breads at local tailgate markets. Always thinking of new and fun goods for markets, they experimented one morning and made a batch of crackers. Later that day, they brought them to the market and they immediately sold out! The very first test batch sealed their fate. Restaurant idea out, crackers, in.


Forever Cheese was founded in 1998 by Michele Buster and Pierluigi Sini, who share a passion for great cheese, and wanted to bring the finest of the Mediterranean to an American audience. Every product we carry is personally hand-selected by Michele and Pierluigi, to ensure that it’s exceptional and meets their high standards.