Pondini Imports

Unique and organic, farmstead cheeses, from small artisanal farms in Spain and Italy


Coop San Antonia – CasArrigoni Taleggio di Montagna

Organic Raw Cows Milk. Aged 60 days. From the Lombardy region of Italy. A sweet, slightly sour-tangy cheese whose history dates back to the 13th century. Soft texture and a beautiful rosy rind but with a depth and purity of flavor unlike any other in the U.S.


Cooperativa Produttori Latte E Fontina Valle D’Aosta

Organic Raw Cows Milk. Aged a minimum 100 days. From Valle D’Aosta region of Italy. A semi-soft, organic raw cows milk cheese from Aosta region in northery Italy. Made for centuries traditionally from the raw milk of Valdostana cows. Their dairy is located at 1,300 meters. In the summer the cows graze at 2,500 meters. The result is a Fontina that is nutty and has exceptionally long finish. Great melting cheese. Use for a traditional Fonduta.   


Bio Hombre Parmigiano Reggiano Stagionato

Organic Raw Cows Milk. This is the standard which Italians tell you is the “correct” aging for parmigiano. Aged 24 months. This cheese has all the characteristics of a great cheese: full richness along with that crunchy quality. Stagionato is ideal as a table cheese yet good for grating and as an ingredient. This is the most versatile cheese of all the 3 ages. This is also the official parmigiano of the Vatican!


Bio Hombre Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio

Organic Raw Cows Milk. Aged 30+ months. From Hombre Farm in Modena Italy. A rarity among connoisseurs of Parmigiano Reggiano, it’s longer aging accentuates the crunch, deepens and sharpens the flavor, and makes one of the worlds greatest table cheeses.


Caseificio Sias Pecorino Romano

Organic Raw Sheeps Milk. Aged a minimum of 5 months. From Sardinia, Italy. The classic Pecorino Romano but produced from organic raw sheeps milk using 4% less salt, and to a very high standard .


Azienda Querceta Provolone Aged 6 months

Organic Raw Cows Milk. Aged 6 months.From Putignano, Italy. Made in the traditional way from raw milk. The result is an explosion of flavor that will quickly override any previous references to provolone you may have had.


Finca Fuentillezjos Manchego Curado

Organic Raw Sheeps milk. Aged 6 months. From the La Mancha region of Spain. The famous Don Quixote region of south Madrid. This hot dry climate produces one of the worlds best sheeps milk cheeses - Manchego - Spain’s most popular cheese. An excellent rich, full bodied Manchego, it is also the first to be certified organic. Incredible flavor and nuance.


Petit Brie

The silky soft creaminess of Brie is essential to one of the quintessential French cheeses. Milk for this Brie is primarily from Normande cows collected within a 15 km distance from the dairy.

Type: Pasteurized cow’s milk
Age: 14 days
From: Normandy, France



The most popular cheese in France and for good reason. This fresh bloomy rind cheese represents the essence of fresh grass fed cows from the Normandy region, resulting in a texture that starts firm and ripens to oozy creaminess. Producer Gillot began their commercial operations in 1912 and for over a century continued to produce traditional Camembert.

Type: Pasteurized cow’s milk
Age: 14 days
From: Normandy, France


Gorgonzola Dolce

The sweet, softer style of Gorgonzola, named for the town in Lombardy from which it originated. Strains of beautiful light colored mold interspersed with texture variations and enticing flavors make this one of the world’s great cheeses. Fantastic with ripe pears or fall apples or on whole grains.


Parmigiano Reggiano Fresco

The youngest Parmigiano Reggiano, which at 12 months of age, is legally certified to be called Parmigiano Reggiano. It is the softest and most creamy of the three ages, and very appealing in its own right due to tasting closer the rich raw cow’s milk from which it’s made. It’s ideal as a kitchen ingredient as it’s easier to grate and melt. Once used as an ingredient the more developed texture of older cheeses becomes irrelevant whereas the softer creaminess of Fresco is a boon to dishes like risotto.


Pecorino Sardo

A wonderful, medium aged, DOP sheep’s milk cheese from Sardinia. This thermised sheep’s milk (65 degrees Celsius for 100 seconds) produces a white or pale straw color cheese with a soft compact texture and tiny holes. The flavor is full yet delicate. One of the best pecorinos anywhere at a great price point.


Pecorino Fiore Sardo

Rustic aged sheep’s milk cheese from Sardinia made with lamb rennet and smoked by burning the bark of a knarly looking local cork tree. The flavor is powerful and distinctive with amazing texture.


Manchego Semicurado

Organic raw sheep’s milk Manchego aged 3 months at the farm in La Mancha, the famous Don Quixote region south of Madrid. This hot dry climate produces one of the world’s best sheep’s milk cheeses – Manchego – Spain’s most popular cheese. This younger Manchego has fresh, bright flavors of early summer’s sheep’s milk.


Albala Tierno Honey + Rosemary

30-day aged sheep’s milk cheese with the rind treated to a coating of honey and rosemary. The slight herbal sweetness against the light, floral Albala Tierno paste is a taste sensation for the palate. Winner of a 2015 World Cheese Award.


Montes de Alcala Curado Pimenton

Aged goat’s milk cheese from the farm El Gazul. This version is made from the milk of payoya breed goats, then the wheels are coated with pimenton de la vera, the unique spicy-smoky Spanish pepper used in traditional dishes. The effect is noticeable, particularly when you taste the edible rind itself, making it an excellent accompaniment to strong drinks or spicy dishes.