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Heritage White Cheddar

Aged less than 12 months, full cream white cheddar.  rBGH - Free

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at the World Championship Cheese Contest.

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New Zealand-Style Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese.
Buttery and smooth. Made with raw milk, raw cream, vegetable rennet and salt.  rBGH - Free


Heritage Weis Reserve - 1 Year

Aged Old-World Style White Cheddar Cheese. rBGH - Free

Best in Class at World Championship Cheese Contest 2014
Gold and silver medalist, World Championship Cheese Contest 2012


Heritage Weis Reserve - 3 Year

An award winner aged to perfection. Distinctive textural charm amidst its signature creaminess.  rBGH - Free



This American original cheese has some aspects of parmesan and perhaps some characteristics of an aged gouda. Although there are no flavor additives, the cheese does boast some notes of caramel and toasted pineapple.

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Monterey Jack

An American semihard cheese made with Red Barn Family Farms premium milk! - rBGH -Free


Cheese curds

Full cream white cheddar.  Available in bulk 5# bags. rBGH -Free