Available in four flavors:

Holy Cow!, Sacre Bleu, Diablo, and Del Toro Chorizo

See below for flavor profiles





This salami is handcrafted using one of the oldest recipes in Eastern Europe, giving it the authentic Old World flavor Evreyskaya is known for. Premium cuts of all natural Angus beef are coarsely ground and simply flavored with garlic and black pepper. The salami is finished with all natural hardwood smoke. It is dried for several weeks until a perfect balance of bite and flavor is achieved. The finished salami is a deep burgundy color with a rich beefy aroma and taste. Available in 4oz sticks



Inspired by the flavors of the Armagnac region in Gascony, southwest France. While traditionally French salamis are crafted from pork, Tipsy Cow Beef & Brandy Dry Salami is handcrafted with the finest whole muscle cuts of all vegetarian fed Angus beef. The salami is rich and flavorful with a subtle flavor of brandy. It is seasoned with a mixture of aromatic spices and garlic and lightly smoked with a selection of natural hardwoods for an extra layer of flavor. Tipsy Cow is dried for several weeks until the salami develops its characteristic deep red color and the sweet fruity flavor of Brandy perfectly permeates the meat. Available in 8oz stick



Diablo Dry Salami is inspired by the traditional flavors of Salame Piccante from the southern region of Italy. Handcrafted using an old recipe from Cosenza. Premium cuts of all natural whole muscle pork are coarsely ground and generously spiced with paprika and red pepper flakes imported from Calabria. Red wine and fennel are added to the mix to add an extra layer of flavor. The salami is fermented and dried for several weeks until a perfect balance of bite and flavor is achieved. The finished salami is spicy and flavorful but not too hot. Available in 8oz or 4oz sticks.



Sacre Bleu Saucisson Sec Salami is a celebration of the ancient art of French charcuterie. Simple artisan creation inspired by the rustic dry cured salamis found in Charcuterie-Traiteurs (delicatessens) throughout France. Crafted from whole muscle all natural cuts of pork and flavorful backfat, this salami is simply flavored with garlic, sea salt and black peppercorn. A touch of red wine gives this delectable salami an extra layer of depth and flavor. Sacre Bleu is aged for over two months until it is perfectly smooth, nutty and sweet. Available in 8oz or 4oz sticks



Del Toro Chorizo Dry Salami is a take on the most revered Spanish classic. It is bold and flavorful. Rich in both color and taste. Wonderfully sweet, smoky spice made from small, pointy chili peppers and dried over a wood burning flame. Del Toro is made from the finest Pimenton de la Vera imported from Spain. Combination of Dulce and Picante Pimenton lays down the flavor foundation for Del Toro, and then lots of garlic, oregano and white wine are added to the mix. Aged for several weeks until it develops the big, aromatic, sour flavors that authentic Spanish Chorizo is known for.



Inspired by the trendsetting salamis hailing from Italy, Haute Pore Dry Salami is the new black. It is rich, bold and utterly delicious.

Haute Pore begins with premium cuts of the best all natural pork never treated with hormones or antibiotics. The pork is coarsely ground before flavorful chunks of backfat are added to the mix. The mixture is seasoned with an array of traditional spices. White wine and garlic permeate the meat adding intensity and flavor. The salami rests for several days so the flavors can marinade prior to fermentation. The salami is dried for months until the perfect balance of porcine flavor and silky texture is achieved.