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Colorado Cola

“Colorado Cola was our logical second step. We wanted to create an all natural cola that is unique yet nostalgic. We set out with the goal of making an old fashioned soda fountain style cola that is updated for the present palate. We started out with a classic cola nut extract base, and added a touches of cinnamon, coriander, lime, vanilla and wild cherry extracts to come up with a taste that is familiar but pleasantly different. We hope you enjoy our rich cola that starts with a smooth vanilla flavor that highlights the cola body and finishes with a wild cherry taste.”


Loveland Lemon-Limeade

“Loveland Lemon-Limeade is a naturally cloudy soda with a deliciously sweet start and a refreshingly tart finish. We wanted to pay tribute to the true lemon and lime style sodas of years gone by. This lemon-limeade can stand up to the most powerful thirsts turned on by a scorching Summer day. It also has enough bite to stand up to any mixed drink on your menu. We hope you partake in one of these fine sodas next time you are enjoying some fun in the sun.”


Grand Mesa Grape

“Grand Mesa Grape is good, really good. We set out to create a grape soda that actually tastes like the grapes grown along the sides of the Grand Mesa. Unlike most other grape sodas on the market, our grape soda uses only the purest extract of natural grapes available. We lightly sweeten the soda so that only the true complexities of grape shine through. We hope that you enjoy the round and robust grape flavor that Grand Mesa Grape so uniquely provides.”


Old Centennial Orange Cream

“Our twelfth soda is the perfect way to round out our flavors. We take lusciously sweet and juicy orange flavor, and add just the right amount a velvety cream to create the perfect balance of a classic summertime flavor. With Old Centennial Orange Cream, we wanted to pay homage to our home state of Colorado, the Centennial State. The wild horse, or Bronco, is a symbol of freedom throughout the American West and our favorite team!”