Alpine Cheese.  A full body aged cheese with semi-soft texture.  Flavor reminiscent of the slight sweet nuttiness of cheeses found in Alpine regions.  Aged more than 100 days.

  • 2nd place, American Cheese Society, 2014

  • 2nd place, US Championship, 2015

Pairings:  Soups, crackers and hearty breads.  Beaujolais cru, or a crisp, dry white wine like Sancerre.  Rich, malty lager beers.


Big Ed's

Aged whole milk gouda style.  Hints of slightly sweet, rich buttery flavors.

  • 3rd place, American Cheese Society, 2014

  • 2nd place, US Championship, 2013

Also available pre-sliced

Smoked Big Ed's Gouda also available


Big Ed’s Gouda with Serrano Peppers

Bursting with bits of Serrano Peppers, which delivers a nice warmth to your mouth, that will have you coming back for more. This semi-soft cheese is great on sandwiches and bold enough to stand alone on that cheese platter.


Asiago Fresca

Whole Milk, fresh asiago style.  Young cheese, with delicate, smooth open texture, presenting a creamy milk flavor with a slight tang.  Perfect melting cheese!

Pairings:  Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz wines.


Asiago Fresca with Rosemary

Asiago Fresca combined with aromatic whole Rosemary for a hearty, full-bodied combination. It's great shredded on pizzas or grilled over vegetables. It is also a great combination with potatoes. This cheese pairs well with Chilean or French Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • 3rd place at the 2014 World Champion Cheese Contest



Aged, Old English Farmhouse Cheddar Style. This is a semi-firm, aged bandage cheddar. You’ll find a clean crispness and a lingering fruit background. With its semi-firm texture and body, Pastures is a great table cheese and holds its flavor profile when grilled in sandwiches or used in warm dishes.

  • 2nd place, American Cheese Society, 2010 & 2012

  • 3rd place, Us Championship, 2015

Also available pre-sliced

Pairings:  crisp, white wines, low-tannin reds, India pale ale, and bubbly ciders.


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