Capriole – Mont St. Francis

Capriole – Mont St. Francis


1 lb. piece

Intense, beefy, earthy--all describe this 1+ lb. aged wheel with a reddish, washed rind and the typical pungent odor to match. Mont St. Francis is a hearty, stinky, cheese, semi-hard and rich. 

Pairings: Because it is extreme, it pairs well with bourbon or fruity, fortified wines and sweet condiments. Also excellent with bitter beers. Trying to think of something that this doesn't go with--from pickles and ESB beers to shaving it on peaches burned off with bourbon and brown sugar.  Chocolate also works, but our favorite condiment is a pear or pumpkin mostarda. A spicy Pinot Noir; a fruity, late harvest Zin; and the sweet vanilla and caramel edges of a smooth bourbon.

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