Capriole – O'Banon

Capriole – O'Banon


6 oz. piece

An old cheese with a new name, the O'Banon was one of the first cheeses Capriole made in 1988, when no one would buy a goat cheese that did not have a French name. While Banon has been made for centuries in the Haute Provence, Steve Jenkins made theirs popular when he wrote in his Cheese Primer that Capriole's "is much, much better than any I’ve tasted in France." O'Banon is larger and fresher than the French to give a lighter, palate cleansing edge to heavier cheeses on a cheese board. Traditionally, the chestnut leaves used to wrap the cheese were soaked in eau de vie. Capriole uses Woodford Reserve Bourbon. The tannins in the leaves and the bourbon combine to give this creamy, dense cheese just a nuance of a kick! At 2 months old it's better than at 2 weeks. Visually, it’s certainly more beautiful than the French one. The new name? It’s inspired by long time friend of Capriole, Frank O’Bannon, the governor of Indiana who died unexpectedly a few years ago. The O'Banon is vacuum packaged when the leaves are slightly wet. It can be removed from its packaging and allowed to ripen under the leaves.

1st Place, American Cheese Society, 2014
ACS Award Winner 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2008

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Additional details

Unit: Piece

Producer: Capriole

Origin: Indiana

Milk: Goat

Texture: Smooth

Raw milk: Pasteurized

Rennet: No