Organic Extra virgin olive oil

Available in 3L Bulk

Handpicked Koroneiki and Manaki organic olives, two distinct olives native to Arcadia, Greece. The strong, robust flavor of the Koroneiki olives and the delicate buttery nature of the Manaki olives, produce a flavorful profile fit for everyday use. Our unique blend is left unfiltered, in order to maximize flavor and minimize the degradation of polyphenolic antioxidants


Balsamic Vinegar w/ Organic Wildflower Honey

Available in 1L Bulk

Balsamic vinegar made with organic wildflower honey, hand harvested in Arcadia, Greece. This is a recipe tracing back to the ancient Minoan Civilization.


Kalamon Olives (Kalamata)

Brined in red wine vinegar and sea salt. 


Marinated Plum Olives

Cracked green olive marinated with rosemary, mild pepper, and sea salt.